We (ProfVal.com and ProfVal.org) evaluate nonprofits based on: legal status as a nonprofit, mission and activities related to education, domestic and international impact, our ability to verify that the nonprofit uses its resources for its stated purpose, the type of educational impact that the organization creates for disadvantaged communities, and overall fit with our giving objectives. 


All nonprofits must provide an online method of accepting money, either on their own site or via an external site that ensures that: i) all funds are directly deposited into the nonprofit's accounts (ProfVal will not accept donations on your behalf) and that ii) we receive immediate notification of all donations developed through this campaign.  ProfVal will publicly share our support (financial or otherwise) of your organization.


We believe that it is important for our giving to align to the domestic and international priorities of our clients. Accordingly, we may change which organizations we support from time to time based on client suggestions, feedback, or giving interest.  If you no longer wish to be part of this program, you can let us know at any time and we will update our site within 5 business days.

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