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*We gauge ProfVal, LLC's success along two core dimensions: i) our ability to deliver high-quality services, and ii) our social impact. Our Give2Get campaign helps us to ensure that our giving focuses on educational causes aligned with the local, national, and international communities that we and our clients represent.

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Why Does ProfVal Focus on Education?

"beyond all other devices of human origin, [education] is a great equalizer of the conditions of men -- the balance wheel of the social machinery."


~ Horace Mann, pioneering American educator, 1848

In the U.S. and internationally, disparities in education contribute to unequal opportunities along lines of race, gender, income, and other socioeconomic factors. 


By contributing our resources to causes related to early childhood education, scholarships, teacher training, STEM initiatives, and other worthy education programs, we play a small role in fueling the achievements of future generations.